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Nelson A. Kawakami

Khoma was founded with a single goal: making a better web. We create intuitive, fun and objective applications, without unnecessary fads or senseless architectures, always keepin our minds at the end user.

In here, each project is unique, and thats not just something we tell others. We walk the talk! Each team is built exclusively for a specific job in which it will work on, so every member is handpicked based on expertise, and we guarantee the delivery of quality work.

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What we do

Some of our specialties

Responsive Design

Our websites adapt to every device, and work perfectly in personnal computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Info Architecture

Complex applications don't need to be difficult to navigate. We can help organizing your content.

User Interface

Ease, eficiency and standardization are key to a good interaction between the user and your application.


Nobody likes being in the second page of Google. A good SEO (search engine optimization) can help put you on the first!

Graphic Design

Everything related to press medias. Magazines, business cards, folders, branding and more.

Web Design

Internet projects. Websites, hotsites, email marketing, banners, DHTMLs, infographics, etc.


If you want a unique and exclusive image, nothing better than an illustration to differentiate you.

User Experience

Practicality and objectivity are fundamental when we think about a good online experience.


Some of our work

Where we have been

Interviews for magazines and websites

Revista Locaweb

In this interview given to Revista Locaweb we talk about the importance of responsive design nowadays. We give advices on best practices and the most efficient processes, discuss the differences between a responsive and a mobile website, and give some global numbers and statistics of internet consumption.

Interview starts on page 43

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Revista Élégant

Today we talk about how social media can help with your career. Along with Eduardo Prange, from Seekr, we give tips on how to behave in these digital environments, talk about best practices, what works and what could go very wrong.

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Seekr Blog

Our CEO, Nelson Kawakami, was invited to write the first colaborative post for the Seekr blog. You can read everything clicking on the link below.

Founded in 2010, Seekr was created with the idea that companys need to pay attention to social media. For that, they built solutions focused on helping companies and social media professionals doing exactly that.

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Click Carreira

Whenever theres a new project at work or in college, it is important to cause a good impression when showing it to colleagues, bosses or professors. Thats why ClickCarreira decided to help! Nelson Kawakami is responsible for the Communication and Social Media in Cia de Talentos and tells us how, nowadays, there are many different cool tools to create efficient and dynamic presentations.

Fonte: ClickCarreira

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Click Carreira #2

- Be straightforward! Dont write too much on the slides.

- Big images! Remember: not everyone has perfect vision.

- Dont exaggerate! Animations are welcome, but only if they make sense!

- Easy read! Everybody needs to be able to read what is written.

- Contrast! Black on white. Use semi-transparent boxes to write on images.

- Talk! This is the rule. Reading the presentation is bad, it should only be a visual resource.

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